February 18, 2009

Have you read today’s news? About how Obama and his administration are talking just like Bush?

Check out journalist Charlie Savage’s article “Obama’s War on Terror May Rsemble Bush’s in Some Areas.” Yup, right there in the New York Times.

Sound familiar?

— Extraordinary rendition. You know, sending prisoners to other countries so that…Well, you know, the U.S. doesn’t do torture. But some of those other countries. Well, gosh.

— Holding suspects indefinitely without trial…Cause, you know. I mean, wow. They’re so bad and they can just hang out somewhere forever. Of course, we’re closing Gitmo. So I guess some other place.

— Maybe resume military commission trials…I mean, they’ve been so successful, you know. And even the judges and lawyers think they’re, well, not so good but gosh…

— Shut down detainee lawsuits with our claim of “state secrets”…Cause those people don’t have any rights and don’t deserve fair treatment.

— And the Obama administration’s patronizing response to the British Court when the British judge expressed concern about the U.S. refusal to release information about alleged torture of a detainee in U.S. custody…I mean after all, the U.S. doesn’t need to respect or cooperate with any other countries. Bush sure taught us that. And when it comes to the War on Terror, the Obama administration is that same bully?

Violation of civil liberties. Violation of the Geneva Convention. Crappy attitude towards other countries – except the torture countries where we’ll do extraordinary rendition. Hey, let’s keep good relationships with those places.

Everything is excused by the War on Terror. (Remember the War on Drugs and how well that’s going?)

There is no War on Terror or War on Drugs. That’s a stupid approach. But it sure is a powerful image and metaphor, eh? War. We can win the war.

Bullshit. Terrorism will exist forever. Even in the U.S. Please don’t forget Tim McVeigh and Oklahoma City. Terrorism, done by a U.S. citizen. And how about the bombings at Planned Parenthood Clinics and the terrorist tactics implemented by religious U.S. citizens against doctors and patients?

Terrorism. Drugs. Police action. Not a war. We will never “win.” We will manage and cope.

Perhaps I’m overreacting eh? After all, President Obama’s teammates say he is still thinking. And the teammates say that the administration doesn’t want to rush anything.

Wow. What’s not to rush when it comes to restoring civil liberties, stopping the bullying and patronizing U.S. attitude to the rest of the world, blah blah blah?

But hey, we won’t torture anymore. So I guess everything else is still kinda sorta okay.

I’m disgusted with President Obama and his colleagues. I’m appalled. I’m ashamed. Just plain ashamed.

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