March 15, 2009

Patience is a virtue. Miracles take time. Change doesn’t happen over night.

Good heavens, Simone. Barack Obama has been president for about 6 weeks. Give the man a chance.

Yes, I’m lecturing myself. Moved to do so because of Bob Herbert’s op-ed column in this morning’s New York Times. “Miracles Take Time,” is the apt title.

Herbert notes, “Barack Obama has only been president for six weeks, but there is a surprising amount of ire, anger, even outrage that he hasn’t yet solved the problems of the U.S. economy, that he hasn’t saved us from the increasingly tragic devastation wrought by the clownish ideas of right-wing conservatives and the many long years of radical Republican misrule.”

Thank you, Mr. Herbert. Your column was the slap in the face that I needed. I mean that honestly.

I’ve been frustrated that Obama hasn’t just nationalized the banks. (I’m not afraid of socialism, by the way — as if nationalizing troubled banks is some perilous slope to hell!) I’ve been disappointed in the leadership of Summers and Geithner. Blah blah blah…

But shame on me.

The economic and constitutional and war fiascos we live in now… Well, those began with Ronald Reagan, and continued with the various Bushites, and Gramm and Gingrich and the conservative foundations, a weakened labor movement, and the outrageously naive commitment to over-weaning capitalism that flows through the veins of the USA.

It’s taken years to get where we are. It’s gonna take time to fix it. And President Obama and his colleagues will not figure out every right answer at every moment.

His first six weeks have actually been quite productive – no thanks, of course, to Mr. Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans in Congress and the head of the Republican Party.

Honestly, have you ever seen / heard anything more pathetic than the adult males (I believe they’ve all been males) who have allowed themselves to apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

Gutless wonders. Embarrassing adults. Pathetic losers.

Anyway. Thanks, Mr. Herbert, for the wake-up call. Patience, Simone. Good luck, Mr. Obama and colleagues. Thank you for working hard to fix our severely broken – but surely reparable – country.

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