April 24, 2009

Enough already! I’m so tired of people complaining about taxes.

Damn those tax relief nuts. We don’t need to be relieved of paying taxes. Taxes pay for important things. Taxes should pay for healthcare for all and accessible childcare. Taxes should provide us all with some level of retirement.

Quit complaining! Quit listening to the ranting maniacs that think government is so awful. Grow up!

Sure government isn’t perfect. Sure government wastes money. (And you don’t?) As angry as I get at whichever President and whatever Congress…I still believe that taxes pay for important things.

And the more affluent should pay higher taxes. Yes, Tom and Simone should pay higher taxes than many other people, and not as much as some others.

For tax purposes, I admire Bill Gates, Sr. and Warren Buffet. Bill Gates, Sr. recently said, “I believe the government has the right to recover from the heirs to the fortunes of its most successful citizens some portion of those fortunes.” Yes, estate taxes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

How pathetic are we that we complain about taxes and want tax relief? Get a grip.

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