September 10, 2009

That’s the headline and subhead for an article in the September 14, 2009 issue of Newsweek, from the book NurtureShock by Po Bronson & Ashely Merryman.

Wow. This is a hugely powerful article – and I suspect the book is great, too. Here are just some of the research findings:

— Little kids, not even 1 year old, judge others based on skin color.

— It turns out that multicultural curricula and integrated classrooms have much less impact than we hoped. (But we can change that impact.)

— Explicitness is critical. We actually have to talk about race with the youngest children, apparently before 3 years of age.

And there’s so much more. This is a MUST-READ ARTICLE.

P.S. Have I told you how much I like the new format of Newsweek? It’s marvelous. Not a news-reporting magazine. We get lots of news reports from lots of sources. Now Newsweek is doing analyses, exploring issues in depth. The new Newsweek is marvelous!

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