March 13, 2010

A few blogs ago, I told you how well FASRI nurtures relationships with its donors. I told you about their solicitation of me.

Yesterday, I received a handwritten note from Louise, the admissions/development director:

“Dear Simone and Tom. Thank you again for your gift towards our challenge grant for technology – we’re getting close to halfway to our goal of $10,000 and you helped us get there! I’m enclosing this year’s Francophonie brochure, and I’ve highlighted a couple of events you might find fun. We’ll have 80 students singing in the State House on the 18th and the After School Theatre club performance at FASRI later in the month. Thanks again for your support, Tom and Simone! A bientôt, Louise”

It doesn’t get better than that. A note with an update about my gift. A brochure of what’s happening in the celebration of France here in RI. Items circled about the school and those kids. And this isn’t the only time I’ve received a note like this from Louise. Bravo! Bravo!

P.S. FASRI is a really small nonprofit organization. Louise has two jobs, admissions and development. She shares an administrative / clerical person with the Head of School. I know Louise believes in Tough Love Day. I’m sure she whines and complains periodically. Everyone I know does…periodically. I DO! Complain and whine, that is. But Louise really really really believes. She believes in honoring donors. She believes in keeping donors. She makes the time. She figures that quality fund development – just like a quality French immersion school – is an obligation and an honor and a joy. I say again, BRAVO!


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