April 17, 2010

Yes, child abuse is appalling. And certainly, priests in the Catholic Church are not the only perpetrators.

But what is most appalling, I think, is that the Catholic Church isn’t held accountable. The church doesn’t hold itself accountable and the criminal justice systems don’t hold this church accountable. The church doesn’t turn in those who violate the law. This church – its perpetrators and its leadership – isn’t taken to court for criminal acts.

Diplomatic immunity like a country? Oh please. And a country anyway? Why? No other church is designated a country.

I’m tired of the outrage against the Catholic Church — unaccompanied by sufficient legal force.

I expect a group of attorneys general in the U.S. to go after priests, bishops, and the corporation that is the Catholic Church — like Elliot Spitzer went after Wall Street. (Not like the attorneys general who are going after healthcare. Oh please.) I expect the U.S. Attorney General to go after the Catholic Corporation. I expect the international courts to go after the Catholic Corporation.

But it seems everyone is too afraid. Too afraid… Of what? This is a rogue corporation, violating the rights of children and families, and protecting criminals. This is a rogue corporation that intentionally confuses its religion and its corporate performance.

This rogue corporation covers up the truth, and accuses others of attacking it. This rogue corporation refuses to fire its poor performing employees — including its CEO the Pope — when malfeasance runs rampant.

This corporation violates the laws of society – and surely any god or goddess. And the corporation’s behavior clearly suggests that the religion and its leaders care more for the corporation than the faith and its faithful.

What kind of genuine religion behaves this way? Is anyone going to do anything beyond civil suits? Although I suppose enough civil suits could just bankrupt the corporation. Then maybe the Catholic faith could be better served by a different corporation.

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