April 14, 2012

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— On 04-04-12, Robert Reich asked if I wanted social Darwinism or a decent society. I want a decent society. I don’t believe in survival of the fittest. Our society is only as good as the rights and basic human needs we ensure for all. The U.S. doesn’t do that so well and too many elected officials and those running for office want to continue doing it poorly.

— On 04-06-12, Naomi Wolf from the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper described sexual humiliation as a “tool to control the masses.” We have lots of sexual humiliation in the U.S. From poor sex education to limitations on a woman’s right to choose…. And now we have the sexual humiliation of body searches without any justification. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

— On 04-04-12, David R. Dow of The Daily Beast suggested we might want to impeach our Supreme Court Justices. Did you know that every democractic country in the world – except the U.S. – has term limits or age limits for its supreme judges? And in the NYT of 04-09-12, Paul Carrington suggested that we “bring our justices back to earth.”

— Another time, there was an article about the focus on private enterprise in the U.S. We privatize war. We private hospitals. We privatize prisons.

We claim that private enterprise does stuff cheaper and better. That’s just bullshit. Instead, what we get is worse for more.

Remember BP and its Gulf Oil spill? And Halliburton and and? You think that’s quality?

The privatization of wars and rebuilding had huge huge huge cost overruns. And still we sent reserves and military over for repeat tours. Prisons, hospitals and education all privatized. Mostly that hasn’t turned out as well as nonprofit enterprise. And we’re still talking about privatizing social security. Oh please!

Private enterprise does not do stuff cheaper or better.



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