June 22, 2012

1. “Court martialing the military,” Molly M. Ginty, spring-summer 2012 issue of Ms. magazine. Nearly 2 in 3 women are raped during their service in the U.S. Military. That’s what the Veterans Affairs Administration says. A dirty little secret that is, finally, receiving the attention it deserves. Leon Panetta is now interested. And lots of this has to do with Kirby Dick‘s documentary “The Invisible War.”

2. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX…the activists who fought so hard for women’s equal educational opportunities (and that includes sports)…the benefits to all the young women…But still, it isn’t perfect and there are too many challenges. Check out Erin Buzuvis’ article in spring/summer 2012 Ms. magazine.

3. There is a war against women. Just read #1 and #2 above. And now check out Beth Baker’s article, “Fighting the War on Women,” in spring/summer 2012 Ms. magazine. The attacks on women’s health (which directly relates to economic security for women and families), grows and grows in the U.S. What happened to our democracy?

I very much appreciate the elected women who are making fun of the male-dominated laws against women. If these war-waging men want to require that women undergo invasive, unneeded procedures to access healthcare, then let’s offer some invasive, unneded procedures for men.

By the way, check out YouTube: The Human Rights Channel. “Film it. Share it. Change it.” It turns out that “nonprofits and activism is one of the rastest-growing categories on YouTube,” says the New York Times. Thanks to www.theagitator.net for this news bit.

State Senator Constance Johnson, Oklahoma, introduced a “spilled semen” amendment mandating that guys must deposit sperm in a woman’s vagina…any other “deposits” would be “construed as an action against an unborn child.”

And how about Illinois Representative Kelly Cassidy who said that if women have to watch a video before they can access a healthcare procedure, then men need to watch a video of the treatment for the most common side effect of Viagra, an extended, painful erection. How about it, guys?

Read more in the great Ms. magazine article.

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