June 3, 2012

For such an advanced nation, the U.S. is behind many others when it comes to women’s rights. For example, the U.S. is about 82nd in the world when it comes to the number of women in our national Congress. 82nd. Can you name 81 other countries?

Newsweek recently published a cool little graph showing the # of women in the presidential cabinets of the G8 countries. France is the best: 50% of President Hollande’s cabinet are women (17 of 34). Then comes Germany with 37% (6 of 16). The U.S. is 3rd with 25% (4 of 16). Canada – 23%. UK – 22%. Italy – 17%. Russia – 7%. And Japan – 5%.

I’m so bored with these lists showing the poor position of women – especially in the U.S., my home, the supposedly-better-than-any-other-country country.

By the way, I’m the founder of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island…a social justice organization committed to leveling the playing field for women and girls.

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