April 28, 2013

I’ve already told you to read the UnderDeveloped Report. And check out my 3-part blog response, now in my Free Download Library as an article.

Now there’s a new piece of research that partners well with UnderDeveloped. This new research is called Great Fundraising.

Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang, star researchers, conducted the research. And the wonderful Clayton Burnett firm, called Revolutionise now, in the U.K. commissioned the research. The new report answers the question, “What makes fundraising truly great?”

Follow this link to get your copy of the report. You might be surprised – but hopefully not. “Becoming great in fundraising was viewed as requiring the creation of a great fundraising team, a great fundraising structure and a great fundraising culture. All this…was held together with the ‘glue’ of great communication.”

And these factors are in relationship with each other. It’s the interrelationship, the system that matters.

So you know what the report talks about? Systems thinking and learning organization theories. Organizational culture. GroupThink. Silos. Effective communication. Managing conflict. And more.

I’ve been fascinated by all this stuff since the mid 1990s. I wrote about this stuff in the first edition (1997) of my book Strategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships That Last. And I wrote more in the 3rd edition (2011). See Chapter 3 in my 3rd edition. And see Chapter 4, what fundraising professionals need to know. Because fundraisers need to know lots more than fundraising techniques.

Definitely read the Great Fundraising Report. And if you’ve read my book, you’ll see the similarities. If you haven’t read my report, try it now. Make sure you get the 3rd edition, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2011. More information. More appendices. And the appendices are online. You’ll find the URL in the book.




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