October 21, 2013

I listen to NPR whenever I’m in my car – either NPR or really loud rock music. (By the way, have you heard Bob Dylan’s newest CD, Tempest? I’m particularly fond of the following songs: “Dusquesne Whistle.” And there’s a really strange video that accompanies that song on YouTube. “Long and Wasted Years.” “Roll on John.” And the title song, “Tempest,” which is a wonderfully long ballad about the sinking of the Titanic.)

But I’ve digressed. Back to NPR – or rather a book NPR talked about that I ordered: Social Q’s: How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries, and Quagmires of Today. The author is Philip Galanes, the New York Times Sunday advice columnist. This is a “Dear Abby” guy for today.

Galanes shares some of the columns, his frank responses, and lots of useful guidelines about how to avoid or navigate or overpower the exigencies of today’s world and our respective lives. The writing is fun. And, rest assured, you’ll likely recognize the situations, bury your head in shame or embarrassment or even gloat!

Here are just a few topics and comments that grabbed my eye:

— “Beauty Experiments: Or, Who Died and Made you Estée Lauder?” “If the Shoe Fits, It’s Ugly! On Fashion Crimes and Misdemeanors.” “Who’s the Boss? Handling Yours Like They Do on TV.” “Money isn’t funny: Why do you think we call it ‘cold, hard cash’?” “Breakups (and how NOT to): Learning from slaphappy Scarlett O’Hara.”

— Given my attitude towards social media, I particularly liked Mr. Galanes comments on Facebook, Twitter, et al. “That’s Facebook for you…. An idea that seemed perfect, but didn’t turn out that way.” And…”Facebook only seemed like someplace special. But in fact, it’s just as annoying as everyplace else in the world, and we have to treat people there as well as we do in real life!”

Looking for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone? Try Social Q’s. Looking for some general guidance about life – or to confirm what you already darn well know? Try Social Q’s.

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