February 23, 2014

Wow. Novels are so … well so important.

There’s the fun aspect. Just plain fun. Curling up with a novel. Whatever kind you like.

Then there’s the learning aspect. Yes, as you see from previous blogs here at Simone Uncensored…I gather some darn good intelligence from novels.

Some of my novel intel is both novel and also useful and insightful.

And some is just plain fun.

So I finished the newest Jack Reacher novel, Never Go Back. And I learned that the word “boulevard,” (which is obviously French, by the way….) comes from the old French “boullewerc.” And a boullewerc means bulwark. You know, a bulwark like from a castle, a wall thing. “A boulevard was the landscaped top of a rampart, long, wide, and flat, ideal for strolling.” And so, the French came up with boulevards in cities.

Cool, eh?

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