October 6, 2014

Talking about change isn’t changing. Outlining how we will make the change isn’t changing. Identifying what needs to change and committing to change still isn’t change. Nothing is change except actually changing.

Ashley reminded me of that a few weeks ago when we were emailing. And she is soooo right. But we soooo often forget. Or maybe we mistake the change for the talking about change. And then we realize there wasn’t any change and we have to talk about change again. But maybe this time…we could actually change so that change happens.

Convoluted enough for you? Hmmm… But it’s a serious point. Thank you, Ashley!

Ashley is the executive director of RIUDL (pronounced “riddle”). And RIUDL is the RI Urban Debate League. RIUDL exists to empower young people and their voices. The RIUDL program keeps kids in schools. And while I remember The Great Debate with Denzel Washington, RIUDL isn’t that kind of debate. RIUDL is a social justice organization – and that’s why I choose to work with them.

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