November 10, 2014

“Develop yourself, first.”

Recently, I was emailing a gentleman in Uganda. He has recently founded a nonprofit to help children. He wanted my advice about how to develop his organization.

I responded that he needed to develop himself first.

Things like:

  • Why does he need to start an organization? What else is happening in his community to help children?
  • What does it mean to be a nonprofit / NGO? What are the laws and the expectations?
  • How will you fundraise? What does fundraising mean?
  • Who will serve on the board? What is a board? What does the board do? Why does it matter?
  • And so much more…

His response when I made the statement: Develop yourself, first.

“I will always remember this statement: ‘You need to develop yourself professionally. Not develop an organization. Develop yourself.’ I think that is what’s been missing in my head.”

Thank you, Roman. Your response to me has helped me fine-tune my own thinking.



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A consultant specializing in fund development, strategic planning, and board development, Simone P. Joyaux works with all types and sizes of nonprofits, speaks at conferences worldwide, and teaches in the graduate program for philanthropy at Saint Mary’s University, MN. Her books, Keep Your Donors and Strategic Fund Development, are standards in the field.

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