December 29, 2014

I’m not on vacation. I’m working.

But I figure that many people may not be reading blogs. However, if you are reading blogs… go to the archives of Simone Uncensored. Pick a topic. Read a blog and plan for the new year, 2015.

I won’t say “best of luck” in the new year. Because it won’t be luck. Good stuff will happen in your organization because you’ve been learning the right stuff, challenging assumptions (yours and others), and applying what you’ve learned.

Here’s an idea… What could/should be the biggest words in any NGO’s life in 2015? How about some of these? What would you add? (And if you would subtract any, I’d ask you “why?”)

      Impact…                                          Loyalty…                                                 Sustainability…                                               Love

                      Systems thinking and learning organization business theories (Yes, I can count. I know that’s more than one word.)

           Donor-centered…      Justice…     Ask…     Gratitude…     Donor aspirations…                                  Anger…                          Fear

                                 Greed…                      Guilt…                            Flattery…                 Exclusivity…                                                 Salvation

Peace, Simone


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