May 27, 2015

This might be a bit of a scary blog. (Especially if you’ve already watched the U.K. video…)

Two fundraising strategies that work… Face-to-face fundraising (street fundraising) and Monthly giving

In the U.S. neither of these strategies is used much. (So just imagine if your organization stepped up to the plate and did either or both!)

Australia raises $9 billion per year with street fundraising. I wonder how much France raises from street fundraising? I always encounter street fundraising in Montpellier, on the Mediterranean Sea. (And in Great Barrington, Massachusetts!) And how much money do NPR and PBS stations make through monthly giving here in the U.S.? Lots, I suspect.

Now for a good laugh from a U.K. video about street fundraising…affectionately called chugging in the U.K. (which means charity mugging!) Thanks to The Agitator. After you watch this video, then learn the right stuff for this fundraising strategy.

And how about monthly giving? Pay attention to on-air fundraising for both public radio and public television, talking about sustainers. Read monthly giving books by Harvey MacKinnon and Erica Waasdorp.

Only 5 months into the new year. Maybe 2015 is the year to launch either (or both) of these fundraising strategies? Maybe 2015 is the year to do some research and think about possibly launching either (or both) of these strategies in some manner at some point, maybe.



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