June 26, 2015

I’m so excited today. One step closer to social justice. Marriage equality. SCOTUS makes it true…Friday, June 26, 2015.

For years, I’ve referred to Tom as my life partner. We’ve been married for 34 years. But my “life partner” statement was a political statement.

I would see people flinch or frown when I referred to my life partner. Those people were wondering if I was unmarried but living with someone…lesbian and with a woman…

I wanted those people to wonder. I wanted those people to be uncomfortable and many many of them were… And still are, as recently as a conference presentation in February 2015. The fact that I believe in marriage equality and all angles of social justice.

I promised to never refer to Tom as my husband – until marriage equality ruled throughout the U.S. Now I guess I can’t rattle cages anymore on that issue. But I will figure out how to mention the issue nonetheless. And I will continue rattling cages on other issues.

12 years ago – Massachusetts, December 2013: The Supreme Judicial Court found for marriage equality. The first state to take such action. (By the way, while listening to NPR a week or so ago, I learned about the Massachusetts constitution, which preceded the U.S. Constitution. The Massachusetts constitution focuses on justice and equity. And according to the state’s constitution, the Supreme Judicial Court focuses on securing justice. The U.S. Supreme Court focuses on the constitution, not justice. Thank heavens, SCOTUS’s findings periodically demonstrated justice…for example, in marriage equality and interracial marriage and a other things sometimes.

To my dear dear friends…whether gay or straight. To my progressive colleagues…straight or gay. We have so much to celebrate. Congratulations to us all.

One more moment of justice.

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