September 8, 2015

“Kim Davis is not a patriot.”

So says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And I totally agree.

The law says that homosexuals can now marry. That’s the law. Someone’s own personal beliefs do not supersede the law – that mean’s jail time. This country was built on the separation of church and state…the separate of faith from government. Too bad we so rarely seem to follow that in this new U.S.

As Kareem says, Kim Davis isn’t a martyr. And the presidential candidates who support her? Oh my! They’re publicly going against the law.

“…[I]f we get to break any law we don’t personally believe in, we will have destroyed the country. It’s shocking…that anyone supports government officials overriding the Constitution to impose their personal beliefs on the people. It’s especially shocking when those who want to be president advocate it.”

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