May 12, 2017

Friend and colleague Sheena Greer sent me a review of Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work. London journalist/writer/critic Laurie Penny wrote the review. Our Lady of Complicity

This is more than a scathing book review of Ivanka and Trumpism and and … This is actually a very important analysis of what she is promoting for society.

Ms. Penny has analyzed the language and the metaphors and the statements and … and everything.

It’s terrifying. The book is a terrifying description of how women should behave. A hugely very scary narrative about how our society should operate.

I’m more than angry. I’m so deeply sad that anyone could believe this. Agree with this. I’m so very very scared for women and girls. And for men and boys.

And my sadness and fear are pretty safe and secure…. because I’m a white, heterosexual, well-educated, affluent person. Yes, by being a woman, I’m at risk. But since I was born white and heteorsexual… and my mom and dad could afford to pay for my college education… I’m safer than so many others. My unearned privilege — my born with privilege — self, is more safe and more winning and and and … And I think that sucks. And it’s (relatively) safe for me to speak out. (Despite periodic criticism that I shouldn’t talk that way.)

I’m so sad and scared for our society. For girls and women and boys and men. And….

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