July 20, 2020

Just for fun? Perhaps for beauty and remembrance and sadness and joy and….

INTRO to Majikat DVD…Earth Tour 1976… That’s Cat Stevens.

Ah the DVD intro…

Concorde is launched.

Students in Soweto, South Africa rise against Apartheid.

Cold war enters its 3rd decade…Bigger and better than ever.

Launch of jelly beans.

Jimmy Carter defeats Gerald Ford.

The internet? What? < 1,000 people enrolled

And Cat Stevens embraks on his Majikat tour….

Get the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 months later…Cat quits the music business… And doesn’t perform again for some 30 years.

All the tapes were in files….Not to be seen until the release of Majikat in  2004.

I listen over and over and over to Majikat.

This is so marvelous. Cat Steven was so marvelous. And Yusuf Islam is with us again. Thank you and peace.

P.S. Have you ever heard Peace Train? Or how abour Fathers and Sons?

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