January 4, 2021

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So today is music. Because sometimes only music helps. Sometimes the music makes me cry. And then I realize that I’m crying for the world and myself. Sometimes the music makes me should and dance and yell very loudly. (That’s when my business associate, life partner usually calls me from upstairs and (mostly) ungraciously asks me to stop all the noise. Even I don’t blame him for that ungraciousness.

How about ending 2020 with some sillinessFauci on a Couchi



1. I’ve shared Pentatonix with you in a previous newsyletter. And here’s more!!!

Amazing Grace

Bohemian Rhapsody

Imagine           And pay particular attention to the signs….

God Only Knows

And so many many many more from Pentatonix.

2. Re-discovering Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler

Telegraph Road

Sultans of Swing

And check out the 9 movie soundtracks that Mark has composed. Start with The Princess Bride!! And check out Willy DeVille’s other version, years later.

3. Discovering Billy Bragg — Thanks to Rob Ayles at Tufts University: Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

4. And the movies Notting Hill…Love Actually…Four Weddings and a Funeral… And on and on and on….


Just some stuff as we begin the new year…2021…


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