Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising, Henry A. Rosso and Associates

Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work, Andrea Kihlstedt and Catherine P. Schwartz

Donor Focused Strategies for Annual Giving, Karla A. Williams ACFRE

Donor-Centered Fundraising, Penelope Burk

Effective Philanthropy: Organizational Success through Deep Diversity and Gender Equality, Mary Ellen S. Capek and Molly Mead
Ignoring women and people of color just doesn't work anymore. Hasn't ever worked really.

Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide 2nd edition, Barbara L. Ciconte CFRE and Jeanne G. Jacob

Fund-Raising Cost Effectiveness, James M. Greenfield, FAHP, ACFRE

Fundraising Feasibility Study: It's Not About the Money, Martin L. Novom CFRE, Editor
Includes a chapter by Simone Joyaux, “Seeking Help – The Benefits and Burdens of Working with a Consultant”

High Impact Philanthropy: How Donors Boards and Nonprofit Organizations Can Transform Communities, Kay Sprinkel Grace CFRE and Alan L. Wendroff
Read all of Kay's books.

Relationship Fundraising: A Donor-Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money, Ken Burnett
Ken first introduced the term “relationship fundraising.”

Strategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships That Last, 3rd edition, Simone P. Joyaux ACFRE, John Wiley & Sons
Expanded 3rd edition with even more examples. Much more than fundraising strategies. Includes: fundraiser's job; leadership; institutional strategic planning; involving volunteers; fund development planning.

Tiny Essentials of Writing for Fundraising, George Smith, White Lion Press

Transformative Power of Women, Editors Martha A. Taylor and Sondra Shaw-Hardy

Fundraising Principles and Practice, Adrian Sargeant, Jen Shang, and Associates, Jossey-Bass Publishers
Anything Sargeant writes is worth reading. He's the lead fundraising researcher worldwide.

3-D Philanthropy, Fraser Green
Lovely book, told in story style, about this special field of ours.

Philanthropy in a Flat World, Jon Duschinsky, John Wiley & Sons
It's a global world – and philanthropy is global, too.


Grassroots Fundraising Journal, Kim Klein

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