The Art of Choosing, Sheena Iyengar
Business professor Iyengar explains how consumers choose. And giving to philanthropy is a choice, too. I continue to learn more by reading outside of fund development.

The Hidden Brain
Science journalist Vedantam explains how our “unconscious minds elect presidents, control markets, wage wars,and save our lives.”

Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age, Maggie Jackson
You can't multi-task. Attention deficit threatens relationships. And so much more science.

Dooley explains 100 ways to persuade and convince consumers with neuromarketing. Use this with your fundraising.

You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto, Jaron Lanier
A must-read for Internet and social media users. Lanier is the father of virtual reality – and has lots of questions about where we are now.


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