Fact: the majority of newly acquired donors flee after their first gift. These lost donors represent major lost potential — for your annual giving program, your capital campaign efforts, your major and planned gifts.

Acquisition without retention is a costly, wasteful treadmill.

Get your fundraising program off that treadmill — by adopting the highly effective strategies and tactics explained in this new Wiley/AFP title, Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications and Stronger Relationships, by experts Simone Joyaux and Tom Ahern.

Keep Your Donors helps make disappointing donor retention rates a thing of the past.

For the first time in one book, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of the two things that matter most to long-term fundraising success: relationship building at all levels of your organization; combined with a practical, in-depth examination of effective fundraising communications.

Topics of special note in this book include creating a “culture of philanthropy”; understanding “the predisposed”; applying hard-core marketing principles to fundraising; the most complete discussion of emotional triggers ever written (including the science behind them); creating plans for both relationship- building and donor communications; the characteristics of truly “donor-centered” programs; story-telling methods; how to write a case for support; measuring effectiveness…and much more.

This book was written for all fund development pros who want outstanding results. But those seeking their CFRE credential will find it doubly helpful. The authors based their work in part on the CFRE and AFP job analyses, which document the roles, knowledge, and competencies required to do effective fund development

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“Your book inspired me to remain in the fundraising industry.” (Australian fundraiser)

“A great book…a great read…value beyond words.” (Canadian consultant)

“If you make this book your mentor, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master fund developer.” (Amazon review)

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