People often ask me how I’m different from other fundraising consultants. What I bring to your organization is an approach that carefully integrates fund development into overall operations – complementing the rest of your organization’s activities.

Too often, fundraising is locked in some cast iron silo, apart from the rest of the organization. I take a systems thinking approach to an organization’s work, bringing together all core elements into an integrated and mutually supportive whole.

Your internal and external relationships – All aspects of managing the nonprofit/NGO depend upon developing a strong constituency, whether inside or outside your organization. A concerned and dedicated constituency provides leaders, advocates, new donors, increased gifts, and fundraising volunteers.

Your values and philanthropic environment – All consulting is personalized to your resources, needs, and culture. While all fund development engagements have common basic principles, I do not force your organization into a preconceived format.

Basic operations – Fundraising efforts are rarely effective without basic operations being in place: a mission and products desired by the community; values shared by everyone; clear direction and measurable goals; an understanding of the needs and motivations of constituents; a communications strategy that speaks so that your constituents will understand; and, the leadership and management systems necessary to support fundraising activities.

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“You are by far the most professional woman I have ever met. Thank you for your focus, your energy, for sharing your talent and experience and compassion and care for each and every one of us. Amazing. You are simply amazing. Much respect and profound admiration.” (Development Officer)

“I think of you, Simone, as the pre-eminent thought leader in relationship management and donor-centric activities in the fundraising world.” (Development Officer)

“Time with Simone – priceless. Best money I have spent in years.” (Connecticut Executive Director)

“Thanks for your expert consultation. We summon your name often around here.” (Advocacy Executive Director)

Fundraising / Fund Development Services

  • Designing a comprehensive fund development program using diverse solicitation strategies (e.g., direct mail, proposals, major gifts, special events) from diverse sources (e.g., individuals, corporations, foundations, government)
  • Building a donor-centered organization and a culture of philanthropy (Handouts: Donor- Centric Pledge; Culture of Philanthropy)
  • Designing a comprehensive relationship-building program to produce donor loyalty
  • Defining roles in fund development (Handout: Key Roles in Fund Development)
  • Board, staff, and volunteer training in fund development
  • Designing and facilitating the fund development process – then either you or I can write your plan (Handout: Creating Your Fund Development Plan)
  • Defining measures for relationship building and fundraising (Handout: Measuring Relationships)
  • Securing gifts for core program/annual operating support and capital initiatives
  • Personal face-to-face solicitation for major gifts (Handout: Face-to-Face Solicitation)
  • Development audit and feasibility studies
  • Donor-centered communications including case for support, donor newsletters, website, and other collateral materials (Ahern Communications, Ink.)

My book, Strategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships that Last, 3rd edition (John Wiley & Sons, 2011), includes a comprehensive chapter on creating a fund development plan. When you purchase the book, you’ll gain access to more than two dozen online appendices. These appendices include sample fundraising plans, sample strategic plans, and much more.

My book, Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications and Stronger Relationships (John Wiley and Sons, 2008), co-authored with Tom Ahern, provides details about nurturing relationships with donors and creating a donor-centered organization.

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