Strategic Fund Development became an instant classic the day the first edition was released. Now in this expanded 3rd edition, it has been revised cover-to-cover with relevant new information and useful new tools and resources.

This updated classic provides essential insights and tools – with an extra bonus: Purchasers get exclusive access to a website of tools and resources.

  • Experienced development officers find this an invaluable reference tool for educating their colleagues and boards.
  • New fundraisers get firm grounding in best practice and what it really takes to do this work.
  • Executive directors learn how fundraising fits into the organization and what it takes to make fundraising productive.

But the unsuspected virtue of this “fundraising” book is its in-depth analysis about what makes organizations effective – things like leadership, organizational culture, decision-making processes, systems thinking, and well-managed change. Add in the comprehensive guide to strategic planning (including detailed steps, sample research tools, retreat agendas, and complete plans) – and you’ve got an irreplaceable tool to build a stronger organization. Another section of the book includes the same detail and resources for fundraising planning.

This bestselling book is about so much more than just fundraising. The new edition expands its well-rounded guidance, with:

  • New chapters on nonprofit leadership and the fundraising professional
  • More about fund development planning, including measures and tips to involve your board members in process and implementation
  • Lots of new examples of strategic plans, fund development plans, surveys, and more
  • A new introductory chapter highlighting key elements of fund development
  • Lots more cage-rattling questions that will both agitate and stimulate you, your colleagues, and your board members (You want to see change, right?)
  • A new companion website containing even more examples and resources, including an array of sample strategy plans, donor surveys, and other useful information

Also included:
Fund development job descriptions, tips on how to write better, sample strategic plans, sample fund development plans, governance self-assessment survey, donor and customer satisfaction surveys, focus group questions, hundreds of hands-on tips and checklists that you can adapt and use for your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How to design and facilitate an institution-wide strategic planning process that assures your organization’s relevance to the community, and determines vision and direction.
  • How to enhance your organization’s performance through shared values, participatory decision-making, board and staff dialogue, effective leadership, and well-managed change.
  • How to nurture relationships and enhance communications so these individuals and groups are ready to be asked – and asked for more.
  • How to turn volunteers into powerful fundraisers, and staff into effective leaders.
  • How to create a fund development plan that produces ownership and results.

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“An indispensable resource! An outstanding resource for any philanthropic endeavor.” (Canadian executive director)

“Strategic Fund Development and Keep Your Donors are bibles for me.” (U.S. fundraising consultant)

“I admire this book. It’s not just about raising money, it’s about building strong organizations.” (Canadian fundraising consultant)

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