“You are an amazing and powerful woman. During our session when you asked tables to identify leaders, my first thought was of you. I absolutely love your passion for the industry. Keep doing what you’re doing because it inspires youngish professionals like myself to push the envelope and improve our skills and sector.” 

“I read your blog and newsyletter. You are a woman who deeply touches my own passion. I also use your Free Download Library on your website. You are always up-to-date with information and are incredibly generous. Be well and never let the flame go out.” (Consultant)

General information

Basic Principles of Effective Organizations
Compare your organization to this list. Would you add anything?

What Do You Really Mean by Philanthropy?
Challenging assumptions and defining underpinnings. This is another one of my subversive writings. Are you prepared?

Conversation is a core business practice. Build this capacity in your organization. Use questions to stimulate conversation. Check out all the meaningful and cage-rattling questions in Joyaux books, on the website.

Opinion or expertise
There’s a difference. And it matters!

Leadership Insights
Thoughts about leading and developing leaders.

Leadership Development Plan
A tool to help you develop your leadership capacity and capability.

Use these to describe how you intend to work in groups, at meetings, for retreats.

I collect lots of quotations. I use them to introduce sections in various plans, to include in workshop handouts, in books and articles. These are some of my favorite quotations about “change.”

Remarks from the Rebels, Renegades, and Pioneers special track at the 2015 AFP International Fundraising Conference in Boston.

Yours. Mine. Ours. Theirs. Why power matters. Which power matters. A workshop at IFC October 2015. And a masterclass — with lots more stuff and more hours! — for IFC 2016.

Make sure your organization lasts as long as it needs to last.

Values / mission

Articulating Values
Concept of values within an organization or group.

Equity Action Mission
Equity Action values and mission statements written by Simone Joyaux, as a gift.

Women’s Fund Mission

Women’s Fund Values
Mission and values of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, founded by Simone Joyaux.

I don’t know who developed this – but I love it! In the U.S. we focus too much on equality rather than equity. But there’s a huge distinction.


Personnel: Job descriptions

Chief Development Officer
Same job description for any CDO.

Chief Executive Officer
CEO job is pretty much the same in any organization, too.

Marketing/Communications Director
Job Description of Marketing / Communications Director

Personnel: Performance appraisals

CEO Appraisal Tool
Performance appraisal process and tool for use with any CEO. Matches Joyaux CEO job description.

CEO Self-Evaluation
Sample self-evaluation. Or, the CEO can complete the regular CEO performance appraisal tool.

Personnel: Miscellaneous

Finding The Right Development Officer
Tested tips for designing the interview process and creating the interview team. PLUS! Questions to ask the candidate about his/her fund development experience and expertise – and – his/her leadership and management expertise. AND MORE! Questions that good candidates should be asking you.

9 to Thrive eBook
Take care of yourself. Learn how others do that. Thanks to Shanon Doolittle and Beth Ann Locke.

Resource Tool Focused on Governance & Management
Governance and management. Board and CEO. Too often ignored!

 Strategic planning

Creating Your Strategic Plan
Workshop outline and resources that describe institutional strategic planning.

Planning Questions
Here are some of my questions and vantage points to help you plan for any future that could come along. Always remember: Using the right questions well is part of embracing conversation as a core business practice. (See the handout in this Download Library, “Conversation.”)

Planning Overview
I believe that strategic planning is the process to ensure an organization’s relevancy. Use this overview to make sure you’re doing the right stuff in your planning process. See also the detailed chapter on institutional strategic planning in my book Strategic Fund Development, 3rd edition.

Planning Quotations
More quotations that I’ve collected. These focus on planning. Use them to inspire your colleagues. Use some to introduce sections of the plan. Have fun!


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