“Thank you for your passion and willingness to invoke the call for equity in fundraising and nonprofit work and leadership.”

“I am always struck by your ability to share your message of social justice wherever you lead.”

Joyaux Writings

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I organize my Simone Uncensored blogs by topic: Leadership… Nonprofit Fundraising-Fund Development… Nonprofit Boards-Governance… Nonprofit Management… Nonprofit Strategic Planning… Research… Resources… Social Commentary… Just for fun.

Be careful! Some readers don’t like my social commentary. So don’t visit that topic. But always remember: I’m a social justice activist… truthteller… asker of CRQs (cage-rattling questions).

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Check out these special articles . . . 

Speech: Second Anniversary of the Women’s Fund of RI
I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, a social justice organization. And during the years that I was the board chair, I made remarks (subversive ones, usually!) at the annual fall celebration.

Vietnam Was My War — My personal reflections of the Vietnam War written over a two year period.

Speech: Third Anniversary of the Women’s Fund of RI, 2004
A speech during my tenure as the board chair of the Women’s Fund of RI.

Commencement Address, Lincoln School, Rhode Island
One of my most memorable experiences: the senior class of this all-girls school asked me to give the commencement address…because of my commitment to social justice.

My Own Personal Journey
An exploration of my own journey to social justice.

Philanthropy’s Moral Dilemma
The final chapter in my book, Keep Your Donors. My exploration of privilege and power in philanthropy.

Social Justice and Progressive Philanthropy: A Subversive Activity
I just love subversive acts. I remember a book title from years ago: Teaching as a Subversive Activity. So I developed a workshop and then this article.

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