“I love that I can now listen to your insights in my living room. I don’t know what it is about your presentation style… Perhaps it is your voice, your tone, your accentuations, or a combination of all. I love listening to what you have to say, and how you say it.” Sarah, environmental development officer


Voluntary Ranting for the Common Good – Hosted by the Fundraising Lab

Using Neuroscience to Improve Your Fundraising Results – Hosted by Fundraising Institute Australia

What To Do When Your Boss Won’t Let You Do Fundraising the Right Way

Professional Development in Fundraising – Hosted by the University of San Francisco Nonprofit Program

Training Your Board Members to Personally Ask for Gifts – AFP ICON, 2013


Fundraising Theatre 2012, Part 1 – AFP Toronto Congress

Fundraising Theatre 2012, Part 2 – AFP Toronto Congress

Simone, Polar Bears, and Your Case for Support

Boards / Governance

Misconceptions about Boards and Governance – Sponsored by Boardable


Should you fire that lousy board member? – Hosted by Big Duck

Tips from the Board Whisperer – Hosted by Another Way Podcast

Effective Nonprofit Boards: 2016 interview by Amy Eisenstein.

Strengthening Your Board Through Good Governance – Hosted by Bloomerang

Ensuring Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings – Hosted by Bloomerang

Tough Talk About You and Your Board – Hosted by SHIFT the way you think about everything


Great Board Chairs, Mediocre Ones. Or How About A Rogue? – Hosted by SHIFT the way you think about everything


Firing Lousy Board Members – AFP ICON, 2013


Social Justice

Why I Founded A Social Justice Organization

Fixing the Gender Imbalance in Leadership – 2015 International Fundraising Congress

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