February 10, 2009

Damn it, President Obama!

Your dream of post-partisan, non-partisan, bi-partisan behavior doesn’t always work.

What a mess you’ve made of the stimulus package. Quit kowtowing to centrists. How about using your presidential pulpit to talk to the American people and kick some ass with recalcitrant absurd Republicans and whiny centrist Democrats!

I voted for you to make change. Just read Paul Krugman’s op-ed piece in today’s New York Times, Mr. Obama. And by the way, why isn’t Krugman on your economic committee? Why the focus on Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, who helped create the current mess?

Not enough money in the stimulus package. Cuts in money for states. Tax cuts for the affluent.

Damn it, I’m affluent and I don’t need a tax cut. Save the money. Use it for the schools, which you let those centrists cut. And how about health protection for those without jobs and without healthcare. That was cut, too.

What’s going on? What do you stand for, Mr. Obama? How about speaking out and stopping the nonsense of bipartisan support? Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe in.

I hope that you believe in the stimulus package and meeting the needs of Americans — more than you believe in bipartisan nonsense.

I sure hope. I sure hope you fight the conference committee thats gonna resolve this. Read Paul Krugman, Mr. Obama.

Stand up and speak out, President Obama. Fight because the Senate version is unacceptable. Stand up and fight for a better version. So many people are counting on you and you’re letting us down. Fight, damn it!

Do I feel better this morning, after listening to President Obama’s press conference last night?

Yes, I like the fact that you can actually see him think while he talks. That’s amazing, given our previous administration. Mr. Obama thinks, talks as if he thinks, accepts responsibility, and actually explains. He doesn’t speak in soundbites. Yeah!

But have you read this morning’s New York Times? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (one of the people who apparently helped create the mess we’re in right now), “prevailed on the bailout.” His more moderate approach makes it less onerous for all the banks.

Oh those poor little banks and their sad little leaders who actually have to be held accountable — but not too much. Cause after all, if we hold them too accountable, well, you know, they won’t be happy. Being too accountable could threaten the capitalist marketplace of the United States. Wow. We sure wouldn’t want to do that, would we?

Less tight restrictions. Don’t oust any of the lousy management, even though the government is giving them money. Geez. Is anyone smart enough to fire some of these bozos?

And best of all, the government won’t dictate how the banks get to spend the money. So hey, the banks can continue NOT lending and doing all the other stupid crap they’ve been doing.

Where is your outrage? Where is President Obama’s accountability?

Just passing any old stimulus package isn’t good enough.

Quit giving in to people like Geithner and those other brilliant Republicans (and some Democrats, by the way) who made the mess.

Fight, damn it, fight for the right bill!

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