August 6, 2009

You know the old adage: “What gets measured gets done.” So measure the right stuff.

1. For example, measuring board member performance

— Board meeting attendance

— Preparation for the meetings (And they bring the stuff to the meeting, too!)

— Participation in conversation at board meetings

— Give a personal financial contribution every year

— Regularly help nurture relationships

— Check in for updates when missing meetings

2. For example, measuring fund development

— Donor satisfaction with your communications, thank-you program, achievement of mission, programs and activities, overall customer service… And more. What would you add?

— Effectiveness of your relationship-building program: depth and breadth of information you have about the donor’s interests and aspirations and motivations; personalization in communications; effective mingling and schmoozing at events; collecting and using donor stories; donor-centered communications… And more. What would you add?

3. For example, measuring employee performance

— Strategic thinking and strategic conversation

— Asking really good questions and challenging assumptions

— Efficiency and effectiveness

— Willing to learn and change

— Doing the right stuff well

What do you measure? What measures do you want to add?


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About Simone Joyaux

A consultant specializing in fund development, strategic planning, and board development, Simone P. Joyaux works with all types and sizes of nonprofits, speaks at conferences worldwide, and teaches in the graduate program for philanthropy at Saint Mary’s University, MN. Her books, Keep Your Donors and Strategic Fund Development, are standards in the field.

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