September 19, 2013

I’m so sorry. But I couldn’t resist.

I just read three items that came into my e-mail box:

1.  Raising more money while losing donors. This is not good! That’s what the research says.
Thanks to the AFP e-wire commenting on the annual Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey results. “For the first time in 5 years, organizations see positive gains in giving…but continue to lose donors faster than they gain donors.”

This is soooooooo not good! This report requires conversations with development officers and CEOs, fund development committees – and boards, too!
Visit AFP International to get the information. By the way, are you a member of AFP? If not AFP, I  hope you belong to some professional association if you’re a fundraiser.

2.  Bloomerang‘s September 2013 newsletter. You gotta just love these people.
Bloomerang is a new fundraising database. To use the right lingo, Bloomerang is a CRM product. You know…customer relationship management. Always remember: donors are customers.

What thrilled me was the new stuff in this CRM product: Thanks to Chief Scientist Adrian Sargeant (the world’s leading fundraising researcher) and Donor Communications Head Coach Tom Ahern (yes, my life partner)…. Bloomerang is doing very interesting things with its acknowledgement processes. All imbedded into the database. “From the brand new Ahern Audit to the easy filtering for segmentation, to tracking who has been thanked, and when to save a copy of the actual letter sent in the donor’s ‘Timeline,’ it is all there waiting for every customer.” Wow. Cool additions. And, check out the Bloomerang thank-you letter blog.

3. And then, there’s M&Ms with Pam Grow’s 09-19-13 newsletter. Remember that old saying about the Devil is in the details? Check out this famous rock n’ roll story. And ask yourself if you’re up to the task. Because that’s what smart Pam asks us all!

So sorry for another blog so soon. But I figured you should know this stuff immediately. Happy day.

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