February 20, 2015

Tom and I are presenting for Fundraising Institute Australia at their 2015 conference. What fun to see our Australian colleagues again. And we’re both doing some curious (as in curiously cool and interesting) joint presentations with Aussie colleagues…

So thinking of Australia, I’m remembering some YouTube videos that Sean Triner sent me. Not only is Sean the big cheese at Pareto Fundraising and a great direct mail guy… Sean is a poison snake handler and really nice and hugely fun.

Oh my gosh… The videos… I laughed so hard that I almost…

When I watched these, my Tom wasn’t here to share them!! So I laughed alone and laughed hard. I can’t remember if Tom reads this blog. I’ll have to tell him about these videos.

Warning! There is foul language. (Obviously that didn’t bother me!)

Al Murray vs. Americans (And, of course, he has many many more. Check him out.)

Eddie Izzard and the Death Star Canteen (Eddie talking. Legos moving around. And Darth Vadar!)

Eddie Izzard – British vs. American English

Hey, Tom Ahern. Send me an email if you read this blog!

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