September 17, 2016

Read this amazing piece from Garrison Keilor, in the Washington Post.  My friend Rory Green forwarded this to me. Knowing how angry I would be. Knowing how this would resonate with me. How sad I would be. How sad I am.

Read this. Think about this. Ask yourself about Hillary. Ask yourself about women you don’t know. Ask yourself about the women you do know. And look in the mirror. Only then can you think about Hillary.

Thank you, Mr. Keilor for this marvelous piece. Thank you for seeing and knowing.

“I saw Hillary once working a rope line for more than an hour, a Secret Service man holding her firmly by the hips as she leaned over the rope and reached intothe mass of arms and hands reaching out to her …. Read the rest.

“So it’s no surprise she pushed herself to the point of collapse the other day. What’s odd is the perspective, expressed in several stories…. Read the whole story.

“I’ve never gone fishing with her, which is how you really get to know someone, but I did sit next to her at dinner once…. I was impressed by her smarts, even more by her discipline.

“I don’t have that discipline. Most people don’t…. Read the rest. It’s sooooooo good.

“The woman who does not conceal her own intelligence is a fine American tradition…but none has been subjected to the steady hectoring that Mrs. Clinton has. ….Keilor reminds us to wake up and behave.

“Extremism has poked its head into the mainstream, aided by the Internet….Keep reading!

“Someday historians will get this right and look back at the steady pitter-pat of scandals that turned out to be nothing, nada….READ THIS piece all the way through. And share it.

Thank you Mr. Keilor. This is a keeper. Forever. Thank you. 

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