November 29, 2017

I didn’t. Check him out here

But then I heard him at AFP Toronto Congress….. Amazing environmentalist. Amazingly articulate about living and feeling. NOT the typical environmentalist academic data and stuff.

He made me think – simultaneously – more broadly and more narrowly. He put words to my feelings. Or rather, he made me understand my feelings and my unease better.

  • Humankind is an incredible predator for the planet…
  • Moving from an agrarian society to an urban society…and the economy became the priority. With the economy as the priority, we’re committing suicide. Extreme statement? Not when you listen to Suzuki. We’re in a mega period of extinction. Destroying species – like insects – that play a mjor role in the earth’s sustainability, including feeding us humans!
  • Suzuki critics the “triple bottom line” … People. Planet. Profit. Because the profit thing (economy) always dominates. For example, trees have no value until they’re cut. But cut down the forest and there’s no more photosynthesis, managing species, etc. Unfortunately, all that stuff is irrelevant to the economy.
  • The laws of nature, e.g., the laws of physics, chemistry, etc. We are shaped and constained by the laws of nature. But we ignore them.

Suzuki notes that we’re creating the illusion that all is okay. But it isn’t.

Earth. Air. Water. Fire.

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