June 24, 2016


You might NOT want to read this blog!

Don’t read this if you’re not politically inclined!

Don’t read this if vile language and huge anger offend you.

I’m so fucking pissed I’m not sure that I can present today. And I start presenting in 30 minutes.

BREXIT!!!! You deserve whatever you get, Britain… Sinking monetary power. Unemployment. Tumbling economy. And leaving the single most impressive political and economic power in decades and decades and decades…

Unfortunately, you’re screwing the rest of the world with your stupid exit. You listened to crap from some elected officials and rabidly anti globalization people. You didn’t listen to your own leading economists and science and …

What will you do next? Endorse creationism and fight against evolution. Sure. Why not?

You think your “special” relationship with the USA will help you? (Well, if asshole Trump is elected, maybe the UK and the USA can create their own ugly little failing world together!!!

I always hope that other countries are better than the USA. But clearly the UK isn’t right now.

With all its challenges and weaknesses, the European Union is an amazing vision and creation and action. You want to counter the two biggest economies in the world (China and the US) – then you want the EU. You want to position yourself as global leadership with impact, it’s the EU. It’s not the UK. It’s not Germany or France or…. THE EUROPEAN UNION can be so much – and it already is. THE EUROPEAN UNION can be better – so help make it so.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot WTF

I’m so angry. Brexit is soooooooooooooooooo dumb and stupid and harmful. So you hurt yourselves and you hurt Europe and you hurt the rest of the world. Usually it’s the US that behaves like this. And the US will continue to do things as dumb as Brexit. After all, we triggered the 2008 recession because of our stupidity. Hmmm… Maybe Brexit will trigger the next one.


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