October 11, 2017

Yes yes yes learning from novels.

I’ve told you that before. Romance novels. Spies. Sci fi fantasy. WHATEVER!

I just fell in love with a new series of novels by Martin Walker… Mysteries of the French Countryside. St. Denis in the Périgord. Bruno is the chief of police. I’ve read 4 so far. I have the 5th next to my bed. And there are at least 2 more!!!!

Mystery. Action. Love. Family. Community. French cooking. Wine.

And now these quotations:

“There was something mind-numbing about official prose that could turn a profound human drama into lifeless bureaucratic verbiage…perhaps that was the point.” (I read this to Tom Ahern and he snickered – or was it a snort?)

“They tended to discount claims of rape between lovers…thinking that once the woman had already been to bed with the man, what difference would another sexual incident make?” (WTF are they thinking?)

“Napoléon said no plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” (Hmmmm…. Does this mean we shouldn’t plan? Maybe a portion of the plan would work… Maybe good planning – which means deep conversation and challenging assumptions and gathering information and evidence and and and … Maybe the exercise is good enough? And good planning includes foreseeing the unforeseen and so much more.)

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