October 17, 2017

This is a lovely and sad piece. The Summer of Love’s Sad End. (The Summer of Love’s Dispiriting Fall.) By Ted Widmer. New York Times op-ed.

Does Kindness Matter? By Zoe Ferguson… From the Transformation newsletter.

The Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, II…….. Inspiring. Angering. I’ve heard Barber live. Watch this video.

The American system of education, still not equal. Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation…demanded equal opportunity for all. And 63 years later…still no equal opportunity. Nikole-Hannah-Jones. Alina Tugend. Mosi Secret. Mark Binelli.

Charlottesville is not the continuation of an old fight. It is something new.” Just think about this: “The simple fact of the matter is that the world has never built a multi-ethnic democracy in which no particular ethnic group is in the majority and where political equality, social equality and economies that empower all have been achieved.” So the fight is different now. Can we make the change? The article ends with…”May we dig deep, to find the soil of love, and make America great at last.”

Surely we can still fight for change. Rise up and make more progress. Each of us. And we can help change the world.


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